Yet another exiting edition of one of the fastest growing pageants “Miss United Continents” is approaching its conclusion and soon we will have our New Miss United Continents. Nathalia Lago of Brazil will Crown her successor on September 24th in Guayaquil, Ecuador as Miss United Continents 2016. Following is our analysis to find out the probable successor of Miss Lago.
01) INDIA – Lopamudra Raut
02) MEXICO – Cynthia Duque
03) COLOMBIA – Ana María Landaeta
04) THAILAND – Boonyanee Sangpirom
05) PHILIPPINES – Jeslyn Santos
06) BRAZIL – Taynara Gargantini 
07) PANAMA – Rita Silvestre
08) SOUTH AFRICA – Neena Bezuidenhout
09) DENMARK – Mette Riis
10) PUERTO RICO – Kiara Rodríguez

Almost There – Trinidad and Tobago, Japan, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Chile


INDIA – Despite India Being the traditional favourites at Miss United Continents and always finishing in the winning court haven’t managed to bag the crown, but this year Indian pageant fans can have their share of joy to celebrate the victory as they have stunning Lopamudra Raut Representing their Diverse country. Lopamudra has won Best National Costume Award, she has made global fans and is making waves all through the pageant. Her wardrobes, styling, energy, and charm that she carries with her in each appearances has clearly made a strong statement that, “India is here to win”. If She wins the crown she will be the first ever Non Latin American Winner of Miss United Continents crown.

MEXICO – While India is putting in her best to grab the crown, Miss Mexico is certainly making it a tough task for others. Cynthia has won Dental award and also a sponsors award. She has the experience of competing at Major Pageants and she is using it all to make it count. She is also amongst the favourites to win Miss Photogenic award along with India and Philippines.

Colombia – While India and Mexico are giving a head to head fight to each other the gorgeous Ana María is slowly making her presence felt. With a bang on Body and stunning features she will be difficult to ignore during the finale.
THAILAND – Thailand’s Boonyanee is a Gorgeous delegate, she has gained quite a favourable attention with her official portraits be it her Swimsuit, headshot or evening gown portrait. She has a toned body and she will definitely work it to make her mark in the finale.
PHILIPPINES – Jeslyn is another Asian stunner who is expected to contribute in making this edition of United Continents memorable for Asian Domination. She is stunning and has her eyes set on the crown. Don’t be surprised if she surpasses your expectations during the finale.
BRAZIL is beautiful, but the she is feeling the pressure of a back to back win. She is very much in contention to make it to the court of winners. PANAMA is a stunner, she is a bit overshadowed by fellow Latin Americans from Mexico and Colombia but has potential to Upset the frontrunner and take home the crown. Keep a close eye on Panama during the finale. Gorgeous ladies from SOUTH AFRICA, DENMARK and PUERTO RICO completes our TOP 10.

Who do you think will take home the crown of Miss United Continents 2016?

First official Picks for Miss United Continents 2016

Miss United Continents is one of the fastest growing pageants. This is the fourth edition of the pageant based in Ecuador since it was changed from Miss United Americas to Miss United Continents. Nathalia Lago of Brazil will Crown her successor on September 24th in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Analysing the candidates, We believe the competition is very fierce this year and we might see an Non Latin American girl take the crown for the first time. Asians, Europeans and Africans are showing deep interest in winning this pageant and this can be a rewarding year for them, India’s Lopamudra Raut and Ukraine’s Marina Demitska can easily be the flag bearer for Asian and Europeans respectively. However,  Brazilian Taynara will give her best to claim a back to back victory for Brazil. Chances for Panama and Puerto Rico can also not be ignored.
At this point of time India is leading our list followed by Panama and Brazil is on the third spot. Puerto Rico, Ukraine and Dominican Republic complete the TOP06 and Philippines, Colombia, South Africa and United Kingdom completes our TOP 10 list of favourites for Miss United Continents 2016.


PicsArt_28-08-2016 11_46_25 AM

01) India – Lopamudra Raut
02) Panama – Rita Silvestre
03) Brazil – Taynara Gargantini
04) Puerto Rico – Kiara Rodríguez
05) Ukraine – Marina Demitska
06) Dominican Republic – Barbara Santana
07) Philippines – Jeslyn Santos
08) Colombia – Ana María Landaeta
09) South Africa – Neena Bezuidenhout
10) United Kingdom – Becky Heal

Japan, Ecuador, Bolivia, United States, Venezuela and Thailand are also amongst the candidates who can bring some surprise and bring some twists in the competition.

With less than a month to go for crowning of New Miss United Continents, who do you think will be the rightful successor of Miss Lago?

Vartika Singh rocks her new commercial for IRAYA

Miss Grand International 2015 second runner up Vartika Singh has not only won several hearts bringing glory to the country by placing very high and performing very well at the international pageant that aims to Stop the war and spread peace across the globe. Miss Grand International works closely with United Nations agency; UNHCR for the betterment of Refugees. Since then there is no looking back for Vartika Singh. She has been working for several brands and Designers. She looks absolutely stunning in her latest appearance in IRAYA ayurveda commercial.









Miss Croatia Barbara Filipović will be one to watch out for at Miss Universe 2016

19 Years old Barbara Filipović won Miss Universe Croatia crown and is Set to represent the Central – Southeast European country at Miss Universe Pageant later this year.
She stands 1.75 cm tall and is a student of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb. Her hobbies includes traveling, horse riding, running, cooking and reading.


“Qualities like confidence, humbleness and the ability to stay myself until the very end are the ones that helped me to stand out during the National pageant and also the ones I expect to help me at Miss Universe 2016” She said to Pageant Times.


“I think that confidently beautiful term represents girls that are aware of themselves, girls that are able to be an inspiration for others, who have not only looks, but brains and character, who are humble, not envious and most of all, confident for who they are. I believe the National pageant judges recognized that in me.” Barbara replied Confidently when asked, What Makes her Confidently Beautiful by a Pageant Times Correspondent.


” I’m planning to start a project to increase awareness of how we, the small people, can help to save our planet from pollution. I want to show the people that each and every one of us can help, because I think that most of them still think that only governments are the ones to act.
About my preparations I can say they are on full swing, for now I am working out primarily and taking care of my hair and skin.” She added as she talked about her Preparations For the Pageant.

Strong Features and Ability to Register herself well in Camera will help this European doll Standout during the pageant. She has got the international appeal and comes across as a very presentable personality, with proper training and right wardrobe she  is expected to Make waves at Miss Universe Pageant.

We definitely see her as a frontrunner for the Crown at this point of time.

Olivia Jordan – A graceful, elegant queen with infectious smile.

From being crowned as Miss USA 2016 to the point of time when She is all set to vacate her New York apartment, passing on the crown and the accompanying responsibilities to her successor. Miss Universe 2015 second runners up Olivia Jordan has been a true embodiment of Beauty, Elegance, Charm and Grace.


Looking back to her journey as Miss USA, we an ambassador who is Very optimistic and knows how to voice her opinion. A friend who is up there cheering  other and enjoying their success. A Motivation for other to follow their dreams. A Bubbly lady who lightens up the surrounding with her Aura, warmth and bright smile.
While answering fans question During Miss Universe pageant last year, Olivia said “I think the key to reaching equality for women is Education. I would advocate to build schools and  rally that women have access to them. When women are empowered by education they find their own power and stand up for their personal rights.” When asked ” As an international ambassador for women everywhere, what would you do for women in countries that don’t allow them to do things, such as vote, drive cars, or wear swim wears in public to move a step closer towards their absolute independence?” By A fan.

Olivia has made a Special mark on and off camera, as a model and as a social ambassador, a perfect beauty queen. Featuring in Magazines to walking at New York Fashion week and making appearances in important events like BB Pilipinas 2016 Grand finale and many more, while she made waves in glamour industry, Working for causes like HIV – AIDS awareness, Smile Train, Ovarian and Brest cancer she has touched hearts of many.

Olivia is always appreciated by her Miss World sister and The then Winner Megan Young as a Great friend and human being’ and the reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is already Missing her. Being special for friends Olivia has also made sure she answers her Haters with Grace be it the Miss Universe 2015 Crowning controversy case or allegations for age. Olivia knows how to handle things

Olivia Jordan will be long remembered as one of the most Congenital competitor and a graceful, elegant queen with  infectious smile.

Aman Singh


Exclusive Interview with Rubaru Mister International India 2016 – MUDIT MALHOTRA


Fans Favourite Mudit Malhotra Won Rubaru Mr India 2016 Pageant last month in a convincing Manner and has Earned the Right to be called as India at Mister International 2016 Pageant to be held later this year, where Pedro Mendes from Switzerland will pass on his title to his successor.

Rubaru Mr India headed by Sandeep Kumar is a Leading Pageants for Men in India with Most Number of International Franchises, Mister International, Mister Global and Mister Model International being the most well known in the circuit.

Mudit Malhotra is putting in all his efforts to Be the first Indian to clinch the Prestigious Mister International Title. Recently Pageant Times had an opportunity to interact with Him. Following is the conversation we had with Mister International India 2016.

01) Congratulations Mudit on winning Rubaru Mister International India Title. Since your victory Pageant Fanatics are eager to know more about you,  Tell Us Something about Yourself.

Mudit – I am a complete Delhite – born and brought up here. A graduate in advertising from Delhi university, I have always been a people’s person. My passion for modelling soon had me handling the fashion society of my college. This is when I won my first title, Mr. Delhi Times, organised by the The Times of India. There was no looking back from there. I started working as a model in Delhi and later shifted my base to Mumbai where I took up assignments for ads and prints. I was introduced to Rubaru Mr. India pageant through a friend and I was determined to win it.I am a fitness freak and a I love to travel.

02) How Does it feel to be the Winner of Rubaru Mister International India ?

Mudit – On top of the world!I feel blessed and happy to have won this contest. I truly believe destiny has something planned for everyone! The love and affection that i have garnered is  unparalleled.

03) Tell us Something about your experience you Shared with your Fellow candidates and Experts at Rubaru Mr India?

Mudit – It was a great opportunity to share the stage with my fellow contestants who came from different parts of the country. We had a great time together and I learned a lot from them. It was truly an enriching experience of my life.

04) India is yet to win Mister International Title, Do you think you can Bring the first title home for India?

Mudit – I believe that the road to success comes through hard work, determination and sacrifice. I have already started my preparations and I am all set to give my 100 percent. I am hopeful that I will do my country proud and create history this time.

Mister International India 2016 Mudit Malhotra
Mister International India 2016 Mudit Malhotra (Sayan Sur Roy Photography)

05) What inspired you to Join Rubaru Mr India?

Mudit – The industry had always fascinated me and I started with part time modelling during my college days. What started as a hobby back then, soon became my passion and priority. Joining a credible platform such as Rubaru had been my ultimate goal to give a boost to my career. I am very grateful that I chose it and now I am extremely  excited to represent my country on an international level. Rubaru has given a new dimension to  my career and I feel fortunate to be a part of it.

06) “Stop Violence against women” is the cause, Rubaru Group is associated with, what’s your take on the Security of Women in India? How can you contribute to the cause?

Mudit – The cause is personally  very close to my heart and resonates with me.  I feel that we are in an era where women are at par with men hence there is an acute need to tackle gender inequality as the key driver of violence against women. The society needs to build preventive measures in order to stop violence against women. The first step is to identify and address instead of letting go and it’s a very touchy subject people don’t want to talk about. It is imperative to educate the youth of the nation and promote gender equality. What’s missing is leadership. We need to create leaders who can stand up and raise their voice against heinous acts. when we talk about violence against women, more often than never these act of violence starts with a first hand experience at one’s own home. So the change needs to start from home. As men, we should respect our women and treat them nicely.

07) Misters From Rubaru have performed amazingly well at the various international Pageants in previous years? Does it Adds any performance pressure or Motivates you Someway?

Mudit – I appreciate the pool of talent that we have in our country and I drive my inspiration from each one of them. They surely motivate me and their experience have helped me improve and better myself.

08) Being a Mr India, you will always be looked up for your fashion quotient and your Fashion sense will be under strict scrutiny, What Does fashion Means to you ?

Mudit – Fashion is all about expressing one’s true self. It speaks a thousands words, tells about one’s choices, priorities etc. While for some people it is overrated, but for me it’s about my identity.

Miser International India 2016 Mudit Malhotra (Amit Khanna Photography)


09) Fitness plays an important role in the life of a model and It is very crucial factor in pageantry. What Does Fitness Means to you?

Mudit – Fitness is a way of life. For me its like breathing. I workout everyday without fail. It defines one’s dedication towards oneself. Fitness is not just about a good physique and chiseled body, it is also about good health – physical as well as mental well being.

Any Message for your fans?

Mudit – I thank all my fans who have supported and loved me immensely. I seek your support further and your blessings!

Any Message for Pageant Times?

Mudit – I would like to thank you guys for covering all the events and updating people about the pageants and the winners. Thanks Aman Singh and entire Pageant Times Team for this opportunity. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for a fruitful relationship.

Thanks !! Mudit for Your Time to answer our Questions, You were Spot ON. We believe India has a genuine chance of doing well at Mister International this year. We wish you the very best for your Journey to Claim the Title.


Read More – An Exclusive Interview with Mr World South Africa – Armand du Plessis

Rammya Singh To Represent India at Miss Globe International 2016

Rammya Singh, 21 Years old Chandigarh Girl is chosen by Glamanand to Represent India at Miss Globe International 2016 on Saturday July 15, 2016 at the Bostanci Show Center located in Istanbul, Turkey. Standing at 5’6″ This Gorgeous Girl did her schooling from Saupin’s School , chandigarh and is Functional English Graduate from MCM DAV COLLEGE FOR WOMEN , CHANDIGARH.

Rammya Singh – Miss Globe International India 2016

She has worked as a model with the international brands like Quicksilver, Kenneth Cole, And Steve Madden and has walked  for several INIFD fashion shows. Art ,nature, philosophy and literature interests her the most. She has an affinity for Writing and Sketching and likes to stay up late at night to listen to music or to read books. “I’m a cosmic soul tailored into flesh and bones. I believe everyone and everything is beautiful in its own way.” She says.

Rammya Singh – Miss Globe International India 2016

“I embody the traits of a positive, ambitious, and assiduous young woman who is determined enough to become one of society’s leading lady and having a legendary mark on the world! I also exemplify humility and am a resolute young woman who endorses taking up a stance for your beliefs, fulfilling your goals and achieve your fullest potential in life. To me life is a beautiful journey and a great teacher too. I believe in the credo ‘ I ALONE CANNOT CHANGE THE WORLD, BUT CAN CAST A STONE ACROSS THE WATERS TO CREATE A RIPPLE.’ ” She added.

Rammya Singh – Miss Globe International India 2016

“To Represent India is once in a lifetime chance and right now I sit in pride and love for my country. I truly believe that i can totally take up the agenda of the pageant ahead and spread lots of love, harmony and peace across the globe.” Says Miss Globe International India 2016 Rammya Singh

Rammya Singh – Miss Globe International India 2016

Rammya is a Spirited and Dedicated young Girl. Who believes in initiating the Change and Stand with others to make a difference. She is Putting in her best to Win Miss Globe International 2016 Crown and we wish her the very best.

Seven Wonders of Femina Miss India 2016 (Final Verdict)


The Mercury is Rising High all across India and so is the excitement of Femina Miss India 2016. The Dream Journey of Twenty One finalist is heading towards it’s climax as the pageant will culminate At Yash Raj Studio. Mumbai.

The presence of the Gorgeous Reigning Miss World Mireia Lalaguna Royo as a judge will not only make the finale more worth watching but will also serve as Confidence Booster for the candidates who will be battling with their own Nerves besides twenty other finalists.

While fans are expecting a rich Finale where they can see Candidates battling it hard to win the most coveted crown of India, The Times Group has already announced a score of notable Celebrities to Host, Judge and Perform at the finale ensuring the  event to be star-studded.

Femina Miss India has changed lives of many and Dreams of few candidates who have given it all will be realized on the night of Ninth, while for others it will serve as a experience to Enrich themselves for future endeavours. Along Side the Winner, Who Will have the proud privilege to be called INDIA at Miss World few other Candidates will also have once in a life time opportunity to represent India at pageants like Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International and Miss United Continents later this year.

1.  Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Winning Most Number of Subtitles and The Crown of Miss India Delhi added with the the all important Miss Ramp walk Subtitle at FMI truly reflects the potential of this Beauty from Assam who reminds me about the aura of Indian Queens from the golden 90’s. She fierce and runway slayer that might help India standout in all important TOP MODEL fast-track which has been the decisive factor at several editions of Miss World in the past. Moreover She is also an eloquent speaker and Brings substance to the table. With Right styling This Priyadarshini can Easily be India’s SIXTH Miss World.

2. Sushruthi Krishna

Sushruthi Krishna

She is Back and Back with a bang. She is in Everyone’s list and We are not an Exception in this case. An angelic Soft beauty who takes her social work very seriously and that’s reflected in the special mentions she has received at miss world social networking sites. To add to that, she is athletic and Very Talented. This trait is appreciated both at Miss World and Miss Supranational. We definitely see her in TOP TWO and wish femina will use this girl wisely to Bring an International crown.

3. Pankhuri Gidwani

Pankhuri Gidwani

A charming winner of the Campus Princess who continued to impress the pageant fanatics with her chirpy and Queenly aura. She has got an undeniable presence and Great Communication skills. She can be transformed well for any international pageants. At this point of time we are convinced that Pankhuri is the right girl to match the energy required to win Miss Grand International.

4. Roshmitha Harimurthy

fotor_PicsArt_23-03-2016 04_50_58 PM
Roshmitha Harimurthy

A perfect surprise package of Femina Miss India 2016. She has a remarkable stage presence and experience as a runway model. She can easily be the one to run away with a crown putting up a decent performance.

5. Rajkanya Baruah

fotor_PicsArt_21-03-2016 09_40_06 PM
Rajkanya Baruah

This Miss India Kolkata winner is very confident, hardworking and connects with her fans well. She is Very Experienced in the field of modeling. A body to die for and awareness of camera angles are some of her biggest assets. This beauty deserves to represent India at International level, Miss Grand or Miss United Continents are most suitable pageants to match her strengths.

6. Natasha Singh Chauhan

fotor_PicsArt_21-03-2016 09_44_21 PM
Natasha Singh Chauhan

This beauty has her strengths and weaknesses. She comes across as a friendly and very down to earth candidate. It will be interesting to see how she performs. But we believe that She can be  transformed for a Major Pageant if handled well.

7. Adya Nira

Adya Nira

She has a sharp features, is confident and bagged a Modeling contract with an European agency through a sub contest. She is approachable and is very visible at social networking handles of Femina Miss India. We won’t be surprised at all if she gets the opportunity to represent India internationally.

CLICK HERE FOR Seven Wonders of Femina Miss India 2015 ( 05 of these 07 represented India Internationally last year)

These Seven Candidates makes it to our list as SEVEN WONDERS OF FEMINA MISS INDIA and we believe that we will have our winners from this bunch of girls. However to add to this, notable mention goes to Niharika Anand and Dimple Paul, who can easily surprise us. We firmly believe that all twenty one girls are Gorgeous inside out in their own way, May the best girl wins.

An Exclusive Interview with Mr World South Africa – Armand du Plessis

Armand du Plessis – A Prince With Purpose

Twenty Six years old law graduate Armand du Plessis won the Title of Mr South Africa in January 2015 and will represent the country at Mr World 2016 in Wales. As a dedicated ambassador of Mr South Africa Organization and Child Law Expert he is contributing towards strengthening South African Youth.

Aman from Pageant Times recently had an opportunity to interact with Armand. Lets See what Mr South Africa reveals about his preparations for Mr World in this exclusive interview.


Q) Its been More than a year now since you won the title of Mr South Africa. How far the life has changed in the course of last one year??

Armand –  MY life has changed drastically since the moment I was announced as Mr. South Africa 2015 / 2016 in January 2015. Before Mr. South Africa; I was only just still a boy, but changed into a man after Mr. South Africa! This journey has taught me a lot about myself, opened my eyes, made me realise who I actually am and to what I am capable of achieving. I have surprised myself a lot since I was chosen as Mr. South Africa. The life lessons I have learned as Mr. South Africa will forever stay with me.

Q) Winning a title also brings the responsibility of being an ambassador of the country and Representing the nation. How does this helped you grow?

Armand – There is a lot of pressure on one winning such a title. Soon after winning this prestigious title, I have realised the weight such a title carries. I strive to make my country proud and this pressure has helped me grow into being the best possible representative I could ever be.

Q) Recently South Africa has seen very prominent Pageant Icons, does this add pressure on you or motivates you as you will be the next to represent South Africa?

Armand – It motivates and add pressure on me as well. Both Rolene and Liesl has represented our country incredibly well at Miss World and I aspire to represent our country and continent just as well. South Africa has recently also won the Mrs. World title, so the one outstanding title for us to win is now the Mr. World title. I will be using all of their advise when I leave for Mr. World later this year.

Q) Mr world competition focuses on various aspects in form of its fast-track challenges, what are the primary areas of focus for you?

Armand – I will certainly give my ALL in every challenge and prepare myself the best I possibly can. The main focus throughout my year as Mr. South Africa has been Charity Segment, dedicating most of my time to charity Work Projects I am involved in.

Q) What Purpose you have added to your title?? Tell us something about the charity projects you are involved in.

Armand – Education has been my primary focus when doing charity work throughout the past year and I have worked very closely with an organisation called DeskBags, handing bags (which can also be used as a desk) to schoolchildren without school desks. There is around 3 million children in South Africa going school without a desk.

Q) You are managing your work, modelling assignments and Training sessions quite well and follow a tight schedule, How do you manage time for all these activities?

Armand – The life around being a model brings variation to my life. Seeing that I started spending more time practicing this year as a Candidate Attorney, I enjoy doing everything that goes with being a model from time to time. I spend a lot of my time preparing for Mr. World; which means I go to gym at 5am every morning, work throughout the day and also sometimes do more training in the afternoons or attend events at night. Over weekends I spend as much time as possible with my friends and family.

Q) By now a few candidates for Mr World 2016 have been announced, Who do you think is going to be your toughest competitor in Cardiff?

Armand – A. At this stage I have only followed two contestants, India (Rohit Khandelwal) and Philippines (Sam Ajdani) very closely and I can honestly say that they are both great ambassadors for their countries. I believe these two representatives will be my strongest competition in Wales later this year.


Q) Few words for the fans and people who look upto you as a source of inspiration.

Armand –  We all face difficulties in our lives at some stage, do not allow for any difficulty / setback to make you think less of yourself and doubt your abilities. You have got everything inside of you to turn every dream into a reality. “Your life has purpose. Your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact.”

Thank you !! Armand for giving us your valuable time and letting your fans know about your preparation through us.

Armand – Thank You will never mean enough to express my gratitude for all the support on this journey. I look forward to sharing the rest of it with Pageant Times, its followers and every Pageant fan across the world and I hope to make you all Proud !!

That was Very Handsome, Dedicated Gentlemen, PRINCE WITH PURPOSE Armand du Plessis, Mr South Africa on his journey to become the WORLD’S MOST DESIRABLE MAN. We wish him the Very best for Mr World Pageant and all his ventures in life. You May follow Armand on Twitter @armanddupmrsa and Instagram  @armanddup


Stay tuned !! For More Updates, Analysis, interview as We Explore the Glitz Glamour and PURPOSE of Pageantry with You.



Only in its fourth year of existence, Miss Grand International is now one of the Most awaited and  anticipated Extravaganza. What contributes in Making it a grand annual event are rather small but strategic things nicely blended together to create an appealing new Pageant. Decent Format, Exiting Activities and will to bring every Major / Minor Event of the Pageant to the eyes of people, Keeping them aware of what’s going on is the key that clicked for Miss Grand International perfectly well.


From a Well organized Welcome  Event to the kaleidoscopic Finale through the series of enticing events including Pool side parade, Dinners, Purposeful visits across Thailand. Open air NatCos show and fun filled preliminary show, Everything is so Lavish, Regal and Rich that as a fan you can not shift your attention but stay interested specially when you can witness all the action ( not all pageants provides  live feed or streaming to keep track of ongoing activities) sitting at your home watching shoots and Shows.


The overwhelming support and encouragement that delegates receives in THAILAND irrespective of their nationality during the course of pageant is certainly worthy of applauses. This also rules out any allegations arising due to pageant venue being Thailand all the time. THAILAND is a wonderful HOST!!!!

The allegations of all delegates not being national titleholders but handpicked candidate is also not enough to put down a three years old organization that has successfully managed to bring together great bunch of Girls in a pageant with amazing production and negligible cases discontent arising out of an absurd inclusion / exclusion from the cuts.

What could be a welcome change is addition of Individual Projects done by candidates under the Motto “STOP THE WAR” and  “Promotion of Peace and Love” spreading awareness against Evils like Domestic violence, Bullying, Violence against Women, Children, animals, LGBT and Tribal communities in their Homeland. However, Miss Grand organization is working closely with UNHCR for the rehabilitation of Refugees. The addition of National level project will add a new dimension  to their overall goals and will involve each and every candidate in this noble cause.


It seems, The Able and Thoughtful administration willing to bring together the best ideas and turning it into reality, The queens Spreading the lessons of Love and peace across the globe and the fans makes Miss Grand International a Major Pageant.

Written By – Aman Singh